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Our large collection of images with excellent resolution and color, expertly captured in processes that we have refined over the years, the solid-wood poplar boards of our High Quality and Premium Icons, our specially selected artists’ grade canvas and our archival quality pigment-based inks are changing perceptions about what an icon reproduction can and should be. Your icons will not only be beautiful, but will retain their beauty of form and color, so that you can pass them down to future generations in your church and family.

About our Icons

Classic, High Quality, and Premium are our three lines of mounted icons, and differ according to mounting type.

Classic Icons are smooth prints mounted to a birch veneered wooden icon panel. Our panels are resistant to warping, and we use the same high quality pigment-based inks and high resolution images found in our High Quality and Premium lines. Classic Icons are our most affordable line of mounted icons, while still demonstrating our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

High Quality Icons are printed with archival, pigment-based inks, on a special, artist grade canvas selected for its extremely unobtrusive weave. The canvas prints are then mounted on solid poplar icon panels, drum sanded to a perfectly flat finish. Traditional hardwood (oak) support slats are inserted in the reverse of the panel to prevent warping. Our panels are identical to those used for centuries in the creation of hand painted icons. This combination of carefully selected components gives our High Quality Icons a look and feel like no other. While others have since imitated our innovative mounted icon design, Damascene Gallery remains the original.

Premium Icons are something truly special: the “top tier” of our mounted icon offerings. Premium icons consist of a stunning archival quality print on a solid-poplar panel with kovcheg (a raised border around the main icon). We exclusively use the finest fine art paper available on the market and finish our icons with a UV-inhibiting coating that yields a color stability that has earned these icons an archival rating. The backs of the panels are finished in a beautiful light stain and even the hardwood slats have an ornamental touch. These stunning icons required years of development and we have given every detail our full attention. These are definitely not your simple “run-of-the-mill” icons.

Large Format Icons are icons with a width or height greater than 16 inches. Four mounting options are available for our Large Format Icons. Many of our Classic Icons and High Quality Icons are available in Large Format. Also available are Large Format Canvas Prints and Stretch Framed Icons. Canvas Print Icons are just that: large, unmounted canvas prints. Stretch Framed Icons are canvas prints that have been stretched around a wooden frame.

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The bottom line is that your icons are second to none. Keep up the good work.