St Joasaph of Belgorod

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Our Icon Styles

Classic Icons are smooth prints mounted on a board with an MDF (medium-density fiberboard) core. Our boards are resistant to warping, and we use the same high quality pigment-based inks and high resolution images found in our High Quality and Premium lines. Classic Icons are our most affordable line of mounted icons, while still demonstrating our commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Classic with Canvas Icons are produced with the same artist grade canvas as our High Quality Icons (see directly below) and mounted on the MDF core board of our standard Classic Icons. Priced the same as our Classic Icons, our Classic with Canvas line is an excellent choice for a distinctive and beautiful icon.

High Quality Icons are printed with archival, pigment-based inks, on a special, artist grade canvas selected for its extremely unobtrusive weave. The canvas prints are then mounted on solid poplar boards, sanded to a perfectly flat finish. Traditional hardwood (oak) support slats are inserted in the reverse of the panel to prevent warping. Our panels are identical to those used for centuries in the creation of hand painted icons. This combination of carefully selected components gives our High Quality Icons a look and feel like no other.

Premium Icons are something truly special: the “top tier” of our mounted icon offerings. With the same solid wood boards and hardwood backing slats as our High Quality Icons, Premium Icons utilize a traditional kovcheg (raised border with recessed space in the center for the image) to create the look and feel of genuine, hand-painted icons, at a fraction of the price.

Large Format Icons are icons with a width or height greater than 16 inches. Four mounting options are available for our Large Format Icons. Many of our Classic Icons and High Quality Icons are available in Large Format. Also available are Large Format Canvas Prints and Stretch Framed Icons. Canvas Print Icons are just that: large, unmounted canvas prints. Stretch Framed Icons are canvas prints that have been stretched around a wooden frame.

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Icon Sizing

The “add to cart” size you see here is the vertical or horizontal dimension, whichever is greater, in inches. For example, if an icon has a larger vertical dimension than the horizontal dimension, the selected size will indicate the vertical dimension.

That said, it is important to note that the other, shorter dimension will “float” depending on the selected size. An icon with a 9″ vertical dimension will not necessarily have a 7″ horizontal dimension even though 7″ × 9″ is a common size for artwork, photographs, and frames. Reproductions of icons will match the original ratio of length and width and this varies with each icon.

If you wish to determine what the width of your icon will be (or the height if your icon has a larger horizontal dimension), save the product image from the storefront and examine it’s length and width. Your width can be determined from the following formula:

Resulting Width = Selected Height x (Image Width / Image Height)

St Joasaph of Belgorod

Product Information

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Iconographic Style:Russian
Iconographic School:Old Jordanville
Iconographer:Archimandrite Cyprian
Century of Painting:Modern


St Joasaph of Belgorod


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Width & Height for this Icon
ClassicClassic with CanvasHigh QualityCanvas PrintStretch Framed
6 inches3.5″ x 6″
9 inches5.3″ x 9″
10 inches5.9″ x 10″
12 inches7″ x 12″
14 inches8.2″ x 14″
16 inches9.4″ x 16″
18 inches10.5″ x 18″
20 inches11.7″ x 20″
24 inches14″ x 24″