To all of our loyal customers and friends:

The year 2020 has been an interesting year here at Damascene Gallery to say the least. In addition to the difficulties in supply caused by Covid, we unexpectedly have been experiencing our highest order volumes ever. One can easily imagine how complicated this makes things: when order volumes are extremely high and supplies are in extremely short supply you end up with something of a perfect storm. This certainly has been the case at Damascene Gallery and we wanted to use this opportunity as we prepare to enter into the Nativity Fast to address some of the challenges we have faced and what steps we have taken to ensure the shorter lead times that all of you have come to expect from us over the 10 years of our operation.

Generally speaking, we try to maintain lead times on our “made-to-order” icons (the vast majority of icons we ship) of less than 12 days (though we state on the FAQ page that up to 15 days is still within our normal operation). Due to the spike in orders coupled with constraints on certain supplies, there have been some periods over the last few months where this has slipped somewhat and we have taken significant steps to improve our lead times, steps that we believe have us well positioned to ensure delivery of icons for Nativity in time for the feast as we’ve always striven to achieve in the past.

These steps include:

  • The addition of one new production employee (2 if you include the fact that I am also frequently working on the production side as well)
  • The addition of a Customer Service Representative to answer phone inquiries
  • The purchase of bulk raw materials as they became available to prevent shortages during the holiday season
  • Working to further optimize our process to decrease lead times

We believe that these steps will ensure that we are able to upcoming orders in a timely manner and truly appreciate your understanding during what has been a challenging year.

This is clearly a time of growth at Damascene Gallery and many exciting things are happening (stay tuned for an update about our new chapel and the services we are holding there). Our growth and success over the last 10 years would not have been possible without your support and we are truly grateful for all of you.

Thank you and may God richly bless you all!

Fr. Jonah Campbell
Owner, Damascene Gallery

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