Our Commitment to Quality

Our Commitment to Quality...

It is our desire that every Orthodox parish and home, even those of modest financial means, will be able to worship God in a beautiful environment, shaped by a traditional aesthetic sensibility. To this end, Damascene Gallery is committed to providing the highest quality mounted icons, canvas prints, and full church “printed fresco” layouts available. This commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of our work.

Our Images

We have a large collection of images with excellent resolution and color, expertly captured in processes that we have refined over the years. This is an absolutely necessary foundation on which to produce high quality prints, and we believe that our image collection is in a class of its own.

Our Materials

From the solid-wood poplar boards of our High Quality and Premium Icons, to the specially selected artists’ grade canvas of our printed frescoes, and the archival quality pigment-based inks we use in all of these products, we are changing perceptions about what an icon reproduction can and should be. Your icon will not only be beautiful, but will retain its beauty of form and color, so that you can pass our icons down to future generations in your church and family.

Our Process

Our use of state-of-the-art print and image processing technology, as well as meticulously developed mounting techniques, are only one aspect of our work at Damascene Gallery. We encourage Orthodox rectors and lay leaders to consider the beautification of their churches from a holistic perspective. To this end, we are the first (and to our knowledge) only providers of printed fresco icons, that will help the churches to develop a master plan in the same way that a professional iconographer would for only a fraction of the price.

Our Promise

We stand behind our icons 100% and we gladly accept returns or exchanges whenever there are issues of quality or workmanship. (Please note that because our icons are made-to-order, returns are generally not accepted when no defect is present. Return requests are thus evaluated on a case-by-case basis.)