Printed Frescoes and Iconographic Toweling

Printed Frescoes and Iconographic Toweling

We recently launched a new line of printed products from Damascene Gallery including beautiful iconographic toweling and large format printed fresco icons. In addition to these basic products, Damascene Gallery is very pleased to offer full service layout for Church projects to ensure that the finished product in your church has the look and feel of painted frescoes. Here are some of the characteristics of our printed toweling and frescoes:

  • Toweling/fresco icons are printed on artist grade archival canvas identical to that used by most modern iconographers.
  • Archival quality pigment based inks are used to ensure the longevity of your installation.
  • We have a large selection of icons available in ultra-large format appropriate for use as printed frescoes. The description of each icon in our online store includes the maximum print dimension.
  • Full-service layout services are provided so that the finished install in your church has a holistic feel.
  • It is possible to gild fresco icons after installation to give them even more of a finished look.

As can be seen above, we currently have two basic towel designs with numerous different ornaments and floral dividers to choose from.

  • The LD towel is a beautiful, highly rendered towel that works well for most churches.
  • The AV towel is a more schematic towel that is a better fit with certain types of iconography.

Our pricing schedule for toweling is as follows:

  • $15/square foot
  • $20/hour for custom layout in Photoshop to ensure that each wall has a complete set of towels (no abrupt “cuts”, etc). Most layouts take less than 8 hours of work.
  • Damascene Gallery does provide installation services for toweling and frescoes that are quoted for each job
  • Alternatively, detailed instructions can be sent for self-installation

The basic process for ordering toweling is as follows:

  1. Create a plan for the walls that will be toweled with accurate dimensions
  2. Choose your preferred toweling height.
  3. Choose your preferred towel design
  4. Decide whether you prefer your towels to be identical or alternating ornaments
  5. Choose your preferred border (floral/top border)
  6. Calculate the square footage
  7. Contact us with your dimensions so that we can begin the layout work. Damascene Gallery will provide an estimate on the layout work required for your project so that a final budget can be made.